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Titan Platform Evolution Plan (TPEP) - A Flexible Approach to Consultancy

Do you want access to security experts without the need for lengthy and expensive engagements?

Through TPEP we can deliver exactly this.

Do you need to bolster your security team but don’t have the budget or time to find the right people?

Let us help lighten the load.

Titan Labs are taking a fresh approach to consultancy & support with our flexible TPEP Service. Titan Platform Evolution Plan is essentially a wrapper around our Cyber Security consultancy ensuring you can get access to our experts in a timely manner and in bite size chunks leading to cost effectiveness and increased productivity with minimal effort.

The service is facilitated through our online portal where tickets can be raised in return for a token…or two. Start the clock when work begins, stop the clock when its complete.

For further information send us an email to support@titan-labs.co.uk.

TPEP Benefits
    • No need to request a new Purchase Order be created when you want to engage.
    • No need to have to wait for consultants to become available.
    • No need to have to coordinate resources on site.
SLA Wrapper
Consultancy driven by a service wrapper to ensure responsiveness and rapid resolution.
Token Based System
Tokens can be purchased and used for both development & support issues.
Virtual Security Advice
Let us bolster your security team when you need it, but we wont be an overhead when you don't!