TPEP: Titan Plaform Evolution Plan
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TPEP Support Ticket System
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TPEP User Guide


  1. Navigate to
  2. Under ‘Dashboard Links’ on the left-hand side of the page select ‘Log In’
  3. Enter your Username and Password and click on the Log In button
  4. To make logins a bit quicker you can use the keep me login check box. This will keep you logged in for 14 days before requiring another password check.



You will be provided with a password when you are provided with your TPEP username. We recommend you change your password when you first log in. To do this, you can request a password reset from the Titan Lab team or alternatively you can use the ‘Lost your password’ link in the login page.



Once you have logged in you will see your Dashboard. From here you can Submit Tickets, View Open Tickets, View your Closed Tickets, and find FAQs. There are also a number of further options which can be seen on the Dashboard Links.



  1. Select the Submit Ticket button
  2. Enter your email address, full name, and phone number (optional) into the fields.
  3. Select the job Priority. There are 4 Priority levels, please see Priority Levels below for an explanation of each one.
  4. Enter a Subject. This should give a concise overview of the issue.
  5. Provide a summary of the issue in the Issue Summary box. Please give as much detail as possible to allow our engineers to solve your issue as efficiently as possible.
  6. Add any attachments you think will help us solve the issue (you can add up to 5 attachments to each ticket). This can be screenshots or documentation that you have received which may shed further light on the problem. To add more than 1 document you can use the Add More button and if you have made an error, you can remove the file using the red X button next to the file name.
  7. Once you are happy with the amount of information provided you can submit your ticket using the Submit Ticket button.
  8. The page will then reload, and you will get a notification confirming the Ticket has been created. You will also receive an email notification to the account you used when logging your ticket.


When there is an update on your ticket you will receive an email to the email address you used to submit your ticket. You can then use the View Ticket button on the email to view status updates and any replies by our engineers.



Response Priority

Receipt Notification

Initial Response

Intended Ticket Resolution*

High (10 Tokens)

Within 30 Minutes

Within 6 Business Hours

Within 2 Business Days

Medium (5 Tokens)

Within 30 Minutes

Within 12 Business Hours

Within 5 Business Days

Low (1 Token)

Within 30 Minutes

Within 12 Business Hours

Within 10 Business Days

*Intended resolution, not guaranteed as each case must be fully assessed.



When entering the contract with Titan Labs you will have an agreed a monthly Token quota, the standard quota being 20 Tokens. These tokens can be carried over for up to 3 months. Tokens can be used at any point (during business hours) of the month and can be stored up to be used at one time i.e., 60 tokens can be used to build 12 new medium priority rules or reports for 1 week or 1 moderate complexity, bespoke data connector for a new event source per week every week. Equally, should an High priority incident be raised to investigate & respond to a rule fire then this can be done using 10 tokens (or twice a month) as shown below.

  • Tokens will be used when raising tickets for development & triage activities
  • Tokens are not used for tickets raised to cover routine maintenance requests and break fix activities.