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Use Case Recommender Tool
What It Is
How It Works
  • As a small business facing the challenge of keeping ahead of the curve around cyber security there are is a lot to learn and a lot to do! Most smaller companies don’t have a dedicated person or budget to do this. That’s where Titan Labs comes in with our automated use case recommender.
  • This is an automated, business risk analysis tool based around SIA risk model (Security, Integrity, Availability).
  • We tell you what your top, prioritised use cases (business risks are) and how to address them.
  • Outputs Titans ‘top recommended use cases’ for your business allowing clients to focus & priorities given industry best practice.
  • Eliminates the need for security experts when evaluating risk.
  • Answer some simple questions around your business and whats important to you via our web based interface.
  • Adjust the easy to use sliders to meet your requirements exactly.
  • Hit go and out come the use cases and how to implement them.
Premium Features
Unlimited Access
Unlimited access to the platform to adjust the responses given changes to your business (increased remote working for example).
Evolving Use Case Library
Access to new use cases written month on month.
Threat Intelligence Evaluation Platform
What It Is
How It Works
  • Continuous collection of security information from open source repositories.
  • Evaluation of key phrases and text strings for our customers.
  • Utilises various analysis techniques to provide early warning of changing ‘sentiment’ around a clients online presence which can in turn be a factor in preempting attacks.
  • You provide Titan Labs with your Company name and domains.
  • We monitor social media and other community sites for mention of your companies details.
  • We analyse the text (wording & frequency) around the company details and asses the sentiment.
  • We will notify you if anything looks noteworthy!