Titan Security Plugin: Website Auditing & Alerting
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What It Is
How It Works
  • FREE to use Cyber Security plug-in to provide auditing capability for your websites
  • Helping with GDPR compliance and general data security during times of increased online traffic
  • SIMPLE to download, plug-in and use
  • Focused on e-commerce & sites holding personal information


Find it here: WordPress – Titan Security Audit

  • Plug-in monitors internal logs and presents them via a simple, intuitive dashboard to the user.
  • Covers numerous security events such as Failed Logins, Page Deletions, User Creation.
  • The audit data is sent securely to our TitanView platform in the cloud for further analysis & realtime correlation.
  • TitanView will send alerts via email when use cases fire such as multiple failed logins followed by a successful login to the website.
Premium Features
Extended Use Case Library
Increased Data Retention
Bespoke Reporting
Realtime Alerting