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TitanView - Managed SIEM, NDR & EDR (Cloud Based)

The sophisticated nature of attackers means that it’s almost guaranteed that if you’re targeted, they will get in.

When it happens to you, are you in a position to act proactively to prevent a castastrophe? Do you have the staff, knowledge, budget and capability to respond and fight back?

TitanView, our feature rich SaaS Security Monitoring platform offers automated, no-nonsense. concise alerting that brings all of your disparate logs into a unified view of your security & compliance standpoint. We tell you where you should be looking, what you should be looking for and what to do when you find it.

TitanView is based on a library of content which draws on industry best practice and many years of experience to identify and address your immediate business & compliance risks. Your library will evolve with you as you move along the path to maturity in the security space.

  • SaaS Security Monitoring remove the overhead of physical kit and updates. Let us deal with it!
  • We can retain your data for at least 1 year to meet your compliance needs.
  • File Integrity Monitoring is provided by leveraging the existing and trusted OSSEC product suite.
  • Our constantly evolving threat scenario library ensures that the lastest threats are available to customers without the need for complicated rule creation.
  • Our simple and intuitive interface hides irrelevant data so you can focus on the real threats.
  • Lightweight and secure event collection and correlation for a variety of logging formats such as Windows, Unix and Syslog.

TitanView Platform
TitanView Pricing


  • 7 day data retention.
  • 5 Use Cases per customer.
  • Limited number of approved data sources.
  • Email only alerts (with playbooks), no access to our Support Portal (TPEP).

PREMIUM FEATURES (All the free features and…)

  • Extended data retention to meet requirements (30/60/90 days +).
  • Data security built-in.
  • Increased number of use cases available from our extended & regularly updated library.
  • Bespoke Use Cases can be created along with customer specific playbooks.
  • Threat Intelligence feed incorporated.

PREMIUM + (All the premium features and…)

  • Support provided for onboarding event sources (no limits).
  • Recommendations around Use Case creation.
  • Triage (1st & 2nd line) for Alerts generated by TitanView.
  • Titan Labs can facilitate playbook actions.
  • Full access to our Support Platform (TPEP).



Data Retention

Use Cases

Data Sources

Email Alerts

Threat Intelligence

Data Security Built-in

Playbook Integration

TPEP Access & Triage




7 Days

5 Pre-Written

5 Known


from £250

Payable Monthly

30/60/90 Days +

Up to 25

Up to 25


from £2500


30/60/90 Days +




For access to TitanView Demo Environment please contact us

TitanView Complimentary Services

Website Auditing Plug-in

What it is

  • Titan Labs has created a free to use WordPress plug-in to provide SMBs with auditing capability for their websites.
  • This tackles issues faced by smaller companies around compliance with GDPR and general data security.
  • Focused on e-commerce & sites holding personal information.

How it works

  • Plug-in monitors WordPress internal logs and presents them via a dashboard to the user.
  • Covering failed logins, page not found, edits to pages, new users being created etc.
  • The audit data is then shipped securely to our TitanView platform in the cloud for further analysis & correlation.
  • TitanView will send alerts via email when various use cases fire such as multiple failed logins to the website.

Premium Features

  • Extended Use Case library.
  • Extended data retention.
Use Case Recommender Tool

What it is

  • As a small business facing the challenge of keeping ahead of the curve around cyber security there are is a lot to learn and a lot to do! Most smaller companies don’t have a dedicated person or budget to do this. That’s where Titan Labs comes in with our automated use case recommender.
  • This is an automated, business risk analysis tool based around SIA risk model (Security, Integrity, Availability).
  • We tell you what your top, prioritised use cases (business risks are) and how to address them.
  • Outputs Titans ‘top recommended use cases’ for your business allowing clients to focus & priorities given industry best practice.
  • Eliminates the need for security experts when evaluating risk.

How it works

  • Answer some simple questions around your business and whats important to you via our web based interface.
  • Adjust the easy to use sliders to meet your requirements exactly.
  • Hit go and out come the use cases and how to implement them.

Premium Features

  • Unlimited access to the platform to adjust the responses given changes to your business (increased remote working for example).
  • Access to new use cases written month on month.
Threat Intelligence Evaluation Platform

What it is

  • Continuous collection of security information from open source repositories.
  • Evaluation of key phrases and text strings for our customers.
  • Utilises various analysis techniques to provide early warning of changing ‘sentiment’ around a clients online presence which can in turn be a factor in preempting attacks.

How it works

  • You provide Titan Labs with your Company name and domains.
  • We monitor social media and other community sites for mention of your companies details.
  • We analyse the text (wording & frequency) around the company details and asses the sentiment.
  • We will notify you if anything looks noteworthy!