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MicroFocus ArcSight Gold Partner

Titan Labs have been a MicroFocus Gold partner in the Security space for the last 5 years running. We are proud to be a Gold partner where by we can offer our clients a number of value add services (listed below). Our experienced consultants have over 30 years combined experience with the MicroFocus Security product suite (ArcSight). Having delivered projects across all shapes & sizes of customers, whatever your project we can help!


Titan Labs have a number of extremely experienced Security Consultants who have delivered & continue to deliver to a wide variety of customers.

Our Consultants are all well versed in our KRONOS project methodology to ensure every project is a success.

As part of our ongoing partnership with MicroFocus our consultants maintain their certifications on an annual basis. They also get access to the MicroFocus partner portal for all the details of new and existing products, a knowledge base and support framework.

KRONOS Methodology
Software & Training Resale

At Titan Labs we’ve got all aspects of your SIEM project covered.

  • We can help you design & scope your solution.
  • We can sell you the software required at the best price.
  • We can lead the implementation of the software to the specification required.
  • We can sell you the training courses required for you to get the best start possible once the project moves to Business as Usual.

This is all made possible through our well established relationship with MicroFocus.

For more information on the MicroFocus Security products click here

Training Delivery

Titan have a number of trained & approved MicroFocus Security Trainers. This enables Titan not only to sell their training courses but to also deliver them at the highest standard.

Bespoke Training

We appreciate that not all projects & customers are the same. We understand that not every ‘out-the-box’ training course available meets everyones needs. Therefore Titan can offer training courses tailored specifically for your needs, run on virtual machines avoiding the need to set anything up on your side. At this time we offer 2 ‘framework’ courses that can be tailored to your needs:

FlexConnector 101

  • This course covers the SDK framework for developing parsers to translate your applications log data into CEF.
  • This course can be tailored to include example flexConnectors written for YOUR applications.

Introduction to ArcSight ESM, Logger and ArcMC.

  • This course covers the concepts of SIEM & how it relates to the core components of ArcSights current product set.
  • This course can be tailored to focus on the components used in YOUR environment.

For more information on our training courses drop us a message using the contact form or send us an email to info@titan-labs.co.uk & we’ll get in touch

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