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What made you start a career in cyber security? 

I have always enjoyed problem solving and puzzles and when I got to a point in my previous career where I knew I needed a change I started looking for a career that would give me a challenge while also doing some good. I touched on cyber-crime during my degree which led me down the cyber rabbit hole and I’ve never looked back! 


Why did you join Titan Labs? 

From my first meeting with the team at Titan Labs I knew I wanted to be involved. The amount of knowledge and experience as well as the ongoing projects and general atmosphere had me hooked from the start! 


Tell us something on your bucket list? 

I spent some time in New Zealand a couple of years ago and I’d love to go back with my wife and show her where I lived and relive some of my adventures! 


Something we would never have guessed about you? 

I am an avid Rugby Union fan and enjoy playing as scrumhalf for a local club on a weekend. We’ve had an extended break due to the pandemic so I’m currently enjoying some warmup games before the season starts again properly in September! 

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