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Hyperion stands for Wisdom, Watchfulness and Light.  This concept summarises our Business Proposition as a Cyber Security Service Provider.

In line with Gartners recommendations for a dynamic, efficient & successful SOC we have created Hyperion.

Hyperion is a vendor agnostic offering, including:

  • Security & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Network Detection & Response (NDR)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Titan provides our customers with “the strongest natural shape” for a complete viewpoint of the current Cyber Security Landscape. A triangle with its fixed angles allows even distribution of force – something we at Titan factor in to every engagement.

We weigh EDR, NDR & SIEM evenly when evaluating a client’s requirements. Each has its specific purpose though and would be selected accordingly.


SIEM systems collect, manage and correlate log and event information from a variety of sources providing a single pane of glass viewpoint of a business’ threat landscape. Their ability to incorporate real time correlation of distributed events to allow alerting of identified threats to your business brings WISDOM to our Hyperion offering.

At Titan we believe in a Use Case driven approach to SIEM. Through years of experience we know that by asking ‘What keeps you up at night?’ and listening to your answers we can build the best, most efficient solution to your business risks.

This approach minimises the data ingested & therefore cost, thus maximising the return on investment.

We work with multiple large vendors including Micro Focus Arcsight, Splunk & Elastic.

In addition, for the SMB market we also have our own cloud based, managed SIEM, TitanView.


EDR allows a customer to WATCH over their corporate devices & their users activity on them – giving an early warning system in the fight against cyber attacks.

Traditional antivirus solutions, as well as other, more-pointed solutions, provide enterprises with preventative endpoint protection, which means they react to new files entering a system and, if deemed malicious, automatically stop them from running. Despite this, attackers are still able to penetrate endpoints. This is because they use innovative techniques that stealthily compromise systems without triggering these defences.

Endpoint detection and response, or EDR, solutions provide a different capability to the security stack. With EDR in place, security teams can continuously collect, record, and store endpoint data, providing them with surveillance-like visibility they can use to investigate a past incident or to proactively hunt for threats in their environment.


NDR sheds instant LIGHT on what’s happening on a client’s network. The arteries of today’s modern business; the data coming in and data going out. Without visibility of this information early warning & at the other extreme, forensic analysis is next to impossible.

Titan believes that a breach shouldn’t be the ‘act’ that triggers the deployment of NDR. This should be incorporated into a business’ security design and posture from day one.

We have found that delivery of NDR solutions universally show value incredibly quickly. Proof Of Concepts (PoCs) are fast and simple to deploy and typically shed light on nefarious activity within the first hour of being ‘switched on’. A great way to improve your security posture with minimal effort and reconfiguration.