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Firstly, I am incredibly grateful that during this pandemic, I have been fortunate enough to have started a new job in the midst of chaos that has forced millions out of work. But with that comes challenges and experiences including accepting the fact that working at home with a family is not going to be as productive as it would be in an office, or would it? 

Although I was fully prepared to be working from home remotely which in 2021 seems to be the new normal, it does not remove the surrealness of only virtually meeting people who you work closely with. This way of working presented challenges new to me, as my previous role was full time in the office with no remote working available – traits such as self-discipline, patience and setting the right work environment are things I’ve had to learn very quickly. 

Although zoom meetings are the closest we get to physically meeting colleagues and customers at the moment, can they really be as productive as meeting in person? 

That being said, embracing this new role during the strangest time of our lives during my first week with Titan Labs has been incredibly rewarding. A lesson I quickly learned however was remembering to check in with who you work with regularly, especially as you can’t build relationships as easily without the water cooler conversation. It’s also important now more than ever to make the effort to ping them and chat about life outside work and make sure your colleagues are well physically and mentally. It takes little to no effort during this tough time.

How it Begins

I have known Titan labs almost from when they established 4 years ago. I have as an outsider, watched the company grow from strength to strength from onboarding large customers from both public and private sector to building their own technologies. It has been amazing to follow the journey and I’m now ecstatic to be able to bring my expertise, give the company a boost and be part of their journey. 

In what seems like the strangest ‘ritual’ these days and how I imagine many jobs start at the current time, I collected my work equipment from a colleague in a motorway services ensuring social distancing guidelines were followed. I spent the first few days as always, figuring out the systems, gaining access to every portal, partner company and social media platforms possible. Writing my 30, 60, 90 challenge and adding to my rapidly growing to do list.

For me the first few weeks are the most exciting. It’s all about meeting everyone, getting to know the products and customers and starting a whole new aspect of self-development which luckily for me, there is plenty of time for in another national lockdown.   

As I now reach the end of my first week with Titan – I have managed to rack up 46 hours in front of a computer screen this week including the odd evening, while being a mum to my 1-year-old which of course gave me the excuse to have regular breaks and a biscuit or two.   

In this series I will be documenting my journey of starting a new career and how Titan Labs navigates through COVID-19. 

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