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The Facts!

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed minimum standard scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.


Being Cyber Essentials certified illustrates a desire to reach a level of Security in every aspect of a business’ operation.

Whether its internal operations, staff training, engagement with customers or suppliers, having Cyber Essentials proves that you take Security seriously and have made it part of Business as Usual.

This should inspire confidence in staff & customers that they work for, and with a Company where Security is forefront. Making a safe and secure workplace.


The process of obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification is relatively straight forward, providing you have all the information & systems in place. You will be assessed against 5 basic security controls via a self completed questionnaire. Upon submissions this is reviewed against standardised criteria.

Should you need a hand gathering, processing, understanding and completing the application, Titan are here to help!

The Cost
Cyber Essentials starts at £300 +VAT.
For a full breakdown of costs and benefits, see below.
Routes to Certification
Whether you want to go it alone, or need a little help, Titan have an option for you!
Solo Attempt


  • Cyber Essentials Basic Application
  • Free retest

  • £25,000 Cyber Insurance

  • IASME Cyber Essentials Certification

Light Assistance

Includes, in addition to Solo Attempt tier:

  • 1 hour consultancy support

  • 1 review prior to submission

  • Titan Certification

Access to Titan Co-Pilot Starter Edition.
Heavy Assistance

Includes, in addition to Light Assistance:

  • 2 additional hours consultancy support (3 hours in total)

  • 2 reviews prior to submission

  • Policy & Procedure Templates

Cyber Essentials Pricing

Company Size


(1-9 Employees)


(10-49 Employees)


(50-250 Employees)


(250+ Employees)

Ready to go, just need access






Looking for some clarification

Light Assistance 





Need a hand to get things in order

Heavy Assistance