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10 November 2021 - 9:31, by , in Upgrades, Comments off
  If there is one message you take away in regards to cyber security, it’s that you should always keep your device and application software up to date. The updates you see on a daily basis across your devices often include important security updates from software providers that keep you protected from online threats so...
10 November 2021 - 9:30, by , in Upgrades, Comments off
  So, in our previous blog in the series we established why you should upgrade your ArcSight systems to the latest models, but how would you go about that? Bare with me, this is going to be a long one!  This part of the mini-series will go into a bit more detail on how we...
2 November 2021 - 11:00, by , in Upgrades, Comments off
  With the preparations all done it’s time to complete the live upgrade! This comes with a number of complications that the simulated upgrade couldn’t replicate; live production environments are rarely as clean cut as virtual environments because they’re being used for a range of purposes, often with hidden quirks that have come about from...
10 August 2021 - 13:26, by , in The Titan Team, Comments off
This past year has been a whirlwind for me in so many ways. Between the lockdowns resulting from the global pandemic, I have moved house, changed job twice, and taken the opportunity to completely start my career again and move into cybersecurity. It’s been a rollercoaster and very stressful at times but now the dust...


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